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Jake Allen’s new Devils mask

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Jake Allen’s new Devils mask
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Since his arrival in New Jersey, Jake Allen has been smoking hot.

He’s found himself again after some tougher times in front of the net with the Habs, and the talent in the Devils’ lineup is helping him succeed.

The fact that he was playing in front of a rebuilding team in Montreal may be worth considering, after all.

Allen has played six games with his new team since the deal, and his stats are impressive.

It’s hard to ask for more, at least:

  • 4-2-0 record
  • .925 efficiency rate
  • 2.51 goals-against average
The veteran is doing everything he can to earn points with the organization for next season. Management has let him know that the plan is to keep him for the 24-25 season (no surprise there), which gives him a bit of stability.

That said, knowing now that he’s in New Jersey to stay (in the short term, at least), Allen had a new goalie mask painted.

The work, which was created by Sylvie Marsolais and Alexandre Mathys, is simple and in Devils colors… And the end result is really beautiful :

The (older) folks took a look at Allen’s new mask and may have noticed something rather notable.

Allen’s mask looks very, very much like Martin Brodeur’s back in the day.

The big Devils sign on top of Allen’s mask is there, and the design with the colors is quite similar to Brodeur’s :

We know that Jake Allen and Martin Brodeur have a great relationship because they rubbed shoulders in St. Louis with the Blues.

They’ve become friends off the ice, and Allen has even said in recent years that the Quebecer has had a big influence on the way he prepares before games and in between seasons.

That said, did the former Habs goalie want to pay tribute to the Devils legend? The question deserves to be asked…

In closing, it’s worth noting that since Allen’s departure, things haven’t necessarily been going well for the Habs’ goalies.

The Habs have played eight games since the deal, Monty has won one… and Primeau has won two. It’s night and day, when you compare the performance of the Habs’ goalies with the veteran’s stats since joining the Devils…


– Speaking of Martin Brodeur.

– He’ll have a big role to play in his training.

– Sad news.

– Chris MacFarland (Avalanche) is my pick.

– Thatcher Demko is placed on the LTIR.

– Sick.

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