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Joel Edmundson (already) injured in Toronto
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
The Canadiens traded Joel Edmundson to Washington nine months ago. At the time, he had one year remaining on his contract ($3.5 million per season) and his signing bonus was already paid by Geoff Molson. Kent Hughes also retained 50% of his cap hit.

Then, the Capitals withheld 25% of his total salary to send him to Toronto recently. The Leafs got him at 25% of his total salary ($1.1875 million this season) with 1/4 of the season to go.

Basically, the Maple Leafs aren’t paying much, in real money, to get him.

If the Maple Leafs didn’t want to take a big risk on Edmundson, it’s probably because his injury history isn’t the most reassuring in the NHL, let’s say.

By picking him up at the deadline, the Maple Leafs reduced their chances of him being injured on the sidelines of the most important part of the calendar: the playoffs.

But since there’s no such thing as zero risk, the team announced some bad news: Edmundson is currently injured. We don’t know where, but we’re told it’s a minor injury.

However, he won’t be able to play tonight.

Of course, maybe he’ll miss a game or two and come back injury-free for the playoffs. It’s not a scenario I’m going to call “impossible” this lunchtime.

But Edmundson played in Montreal for three years, and you know how quickly a little injury can become a big one in his case.

If it’s his back that’s hurting, the playoffs may not be easy for him. And clearly, it was for the playoffs that the Maple Leafs acquired his rights earlier this month.

Whether he’ll be back soon remains to be seen. If he’s out for a while, I wonder if he’ll be able to sign a new contract this summer…


– Tough hit in New York.

– Great news.

– One to watch.

– Finally.

– Interesting.

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