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Justin Barron: the waivers situation will force the Habs to decide quickly
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This week, there were two big news items for the Habs. The first, of course, is Martin St-Louis.

His absence has caused quite a stir. We don’t know when the coach will be back, and we don’t know how his guy is doing either, but we do know that life goes on with the Habs.

The club hasn ‘t had a good week without its coach, let’s say.

We also talked about David Reinbacher. The young man arrived in Laval, scored a goal… but above all, looked good in the games his coach used him in.

Will the Habs play him today in Toronto? That remains to be seen.

Reinbacher is currently being tested. The defenseman will finish the season in Laval, which will allow him to prepare properly for his second training camp with the Habs next summer.

For the moment, he’s getting used to it, but it’s probably still quite early before we think he can make the NHL next year. The club isn’t there yet.

After all, not only will the Habs not want to rush him (his season in Kloten proves it), but it’s clear that there will be plenty of people at mass for the next camp.

And the guys know it.

Next camp will be wild. – Mike Matheson

He didn’t necessarily say it word for word, but he did complete a sentence when asked what the next training camp at the blue line would be like.

And that’s when, as Arpon Basu notes, the player said that camp was going to be wild.

If nothing changes, as Basu points out, there could be no fewer than 12 defensemen at the next camp who could try to break into the Montreal Canadiens’ line-up.

Which ones?

  • Mike Matheson
  • David Savard
  • Kaiden Guhle
  • Arber Xhekaj
  • Jordan Harris
  • Johnathan Kovacevic
  • Jayden Struble
  • Justin Barron
  • Logan Mailloux
  • David Reinbacher
  • Lane Hutson
  • Adam Engstrom

Kent Hughes, who didn’t want to trade a defenseman at the deadline, will have no choice but to act this summer. Whether it’s a veteran like David Savard or a youngster, it’s time to make a move.

We knew the depth was great, but this is further proof.

Some players won’t be able to go to Laval because of the waivers… and Justin Barron will be one of them. For the past two years, he’s been up and down because the Habs had the luxury of doing so.

But in 2024-2025, things will be different.

Since there’s almost no chance of Barron making the waivers next October, the Habs will have to either make room for him up top or trade him.

Is the Habs ready to trade him? Hard to say. His market value isn’t high, in my opinion, right now.

But with all the congestion, Barron will have to earn his place. There will be so many guys pushing (both left and right) that it won’t be easy for the Habs to make certain decisions.

Barron had better help himself and have a good end to the season in Laval, let’s say. After all, the way he’s playing, he’s not necessarily putting the odds in his favor.

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