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A former Habs employee talks about how difficult it was to work with Bergevin
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In recent years, Marc Bergevin has found himself at the heart of some criticism.

Especially since his departure from Montreal.

His final moments with the Habs were not extraordinary, according to Pierre Gervais last year, and the former Habs equipment manager also claimed in his first book that the former Habs GM didn’t inspire his players because of his teenage behavior.

David St-Germain explains that it wasn’t easy being around the GM because his behavior wasn’t exceptional… And there’s a story that sums it up pretty well.

Basically, without going into too much detail to give away all the scoops of the episode, a special product called “The Ultimate Experience” allowed fans to go to a Habs game and get all kinds of privileges.

Fans had the chance to be in the dressing room after games, and on one occasion it was a sick young man who was there to meet the players.

Mike Condon, who was goalkeeper at the time, went to see the young man to welcome him and talk to him… And Marc Bergevin was angry about this, because managers “aren’t supposed” to talk to Canadiens players.

David St-Germain explains that the GM didn’t waste any time before giving his employee some crap:

It’s a strange situation because we all agree that Mike Condon hasn’t done anything wrong.

On the contrary!

But Marc Bergevin was a GM with a style like that.

Even team veterans like Guy Lafleur and Jean Béliveau saw him disrespect them, when Bergevin told a Bell Centre security man to signal to Béliveau that he didn’t want to see him at the Bell Centre anymore…

A GM’s job is not an easy one, and it can override emotions. The Montreal market doesn’t help either, because it’s intense every day. On the other hand, listening to the stories about Marc Bergevin, it sounds as if he was simply at his wits’ end, because outside of work, Pierre Gervais also explained in his book that he likes to have fun and is a pleasure to be around.

In closing, I invite you to listen to the latest episode of Max and JT’s podcast.

On the menu, the guys and David St-Germain talk about Bergevin, the best and worst interactions with players, office party gossip, season tickets and the waiting list…

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