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Cayden Primeau often asks Chantal Machabée for advice on French
Credit: YouTube

No need to mention it, but most Montreal Canadiens fans love it when one of the organization’s players speaks French or forces himself to learn the language of Molière.

That’s only natural, given that it’s the only French-speaking organization in the NHL.

On the other hand, the Habs shouldn’t choose Francophones over another, more talented player who doesn’t speak French. #LouisLeblanc

In the organization, we’ve seen many English-speaking players, or those from European countries, make an effort to speak/learn French, and it’s always well received by the average Montreal fan.

One example is Johnathan Kovacevic, who is taking French lessons out of respect for Quebec culture.

Cayden Primeau is also on the list.

When it’s time to get advice on French, the keeper isn’t afraid to seek it out.

That’s what Chantal Machabée told Guillaume LeFrançois in her Saturday morning article on La Presse Sports.

“He’s always like that. He often asks how we say this or that.” – Chantal Machabée

It’s no small thing, because a young American guard trying to learn more about the French language is good news.

But it’s nothing new to him, having already spent four years in high school taking French classes in New Jersey.

We learned it by reading stories, so I’m pretty good at reading, I understand enough words to understand the context. But I don’t speak it and it’s hard to understand, because people speak so fast. – Cayden Primeau

However, he says that since arriving in Quebec, he’s been learning something new every day, as he almost always hears people speaking French around him. Since he’s curious, he often asks questions.

It’s a great mentality on the part of this young goalkeeper. With this mindset, he’s already got a great deal to please Habs fans. Now all he has to do is hold on to his regular position as second goalie, behind Samuel Montembeault, with fine performances, but above all, maintain his consistency.

In duo with Montembeault, perhaps Montreal will eventually have a tandem of goalies who speak French well, if not two Quebec goalies.

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