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Sean Couturier has no idea why he won’t be there, says his agent
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In recent days, Sean Couturier has been the talk of the town. John Tortorella left him out a couple of times (Tuesday and Thursday) without giving any explanations to the media.

According to the coach , the reason for his absence is not a matter of public record.

I figure Sean Couturier must be working in the public eye because he has no idea why his playing time has dwindled in recent weeks, leading him to not play at all recently.

As can be read in this Agence QMI text, Couturier doesn’t know why his coach, who used to communicate with him, started acting this way.

The captain’s agent, Erik Lupien, says his client doesn’t understand what’s going on because there’s no communication involved.

He had no idea why he had less ice time and why his usage has decreased. – Erik Lupien on Sean Couturier

Obviously, now that his playing time doesn’t exist, he’s more inclined to ask for answers. That said, it’s obviously impossible to get any right now.

Sound management with a captain, don’t you think?

It’s all very well to hear people trying to humanize Torts, but stories like this remind us that, if the agent’s version is true, the coach is one hell of a sparrow.

In the middle of a playoff race, that’s special.

Is the agent making such comments to protect his client, whose performances have declined recently? I don’t think so, but it’s a theory I’m raising anyway.

To be continued.

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