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Official: David Reinbacher removes Mattias Norlinder from the Rocket lineup tonight
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Over the past few days, David Reinbacher has arrived in Quebec. He began training with the Laval Rocket, and it quickly became clear (via Georges Laraque) that he would make his debut in Friday’s game.

And just as well: it’s Friday.

Anthony Marcotte has confirmed that tonight, the Austrian will play his first regular-season pro game in North America. He will be on the ice with Tobie Paquette-Bisson.

When he trained earlier this week, he was with the Quebecer. William Trudeau and Logan Mailloux will also round out the top-4 on the blue line, logically enough.

Justin Barron and Olivier Galipeau should form the other duo, as the voice of the Rocket has confirmed that it is indeed Mattias Norlinder (the former eighth wonder of the world who had a big 2023 camp in Montreal) who will have to give up his place tonight.

The Rocket are currently in Belleville for an all-Ontario weekend. Tonight and tomorrow, Laval will be in Belleville… and on Sunday, it will be in Toronto.

How many of the three games will Reinbacher play? Will he play in two? I expect to see him tonight and Sunday.

Looking ahead to tonight’s game, I can’t say I expect to see him break everything. After all, the defenseman will have to get used to his new team and his new environment.

To be continued tonight.

In gusto

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