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EXCLUSIVE: Quebecor is a new Habsolument Fan shareholder
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Sources tell us that Attraction, a company active in TV and film, as well as in digital content creation, has new business partners.

According to our sources, Quebecor (Pierre-Karl Péladeau) has acquired a minority stake in the company. Habsolument Fan, Monde de Stars, Ayoye and other independent sites are now owned by Québecor.

These sites were purchased for several million dollars by the young entrepreneurs who launched Fan-O-Web some ten years ago.

It will be interesting to see whether Québecor will proceed with collaborations between TVA Sports and Habsolument Fan. So, by necessity, there is one less independent site in the Quebec sports landscape.

Richard Speer remains Attraction’s majority shareholder. It should also be noted that other people in the industry will become minority shareholders in the project.

According to our sources, Quebecor was one of the potential buyers when Attraction acquired Fan-O-Web. So there’s nothing new about this interest in joining forces with Attraction.

Many of Attraction’s television productions are broadcast on Ici Radio-Canada. It will be interesting to see whether Québecor and our Crown corporation will be able to cohabit properly.

Québecor has recently changed its structure: most written content on the web now comes from Québecor numérique rather than from the various individual properties. We sense a desire to be more present and active on the web.

The partnership with Attraction is a perfect fit.


Québecor has always wanted to partner with a number of media companies.

According to our sources, the bosses at Québecor seriously evaluated the option of becoming a business partner in BPM Sports, but the CRTC prevented them from doing so because of their presence on TV and in print media.

It’s important to remember that a media company can’t be on TV, in print or on the radio all at the same time. But since there are no regulations on the web, this opens doors.

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