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The Habs should have drafted Matvei Michkov, says Simon “Snake” Boisvert
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The debate will never end. Should the Canadiens have drafted Matvei Michkov in the 2023 auction? Maybe, but Kent Hughes decided to solve a problem by drafting a right-handed defenseman.

As I said above, the debate will continue until we have proof of the two players drafted.

This time, Simon “Snake” Boisvert, on the Process podcast, explained, in black and white, that the Habs should have drafted Michkov with his pick in the last NHL draft.

In terms of talent, Boisvert’s idea is understandable. Michkov had a superb regular season in the KHL with Sochi, amassing a total of 41 points in 47 games. To do that, at the age of 19 against men, is excellent.

But let’s not forget all the stories surrounding him. The fact that the KHL might try to prevent him from leaving the country to play in North America is one of them.

The recurring problem in his case was often attitude. He was referred to as a teammate who didn’t respect others in the dressing room. This certainly didn’t sit well with Kent Hughes and the Habs, who advocate culture and respect within the organization.

Talent is all well and good, but you need good team chemistry to hold it all together.

However, things are looking up for Michkov. His team-mates had explained that his attitude had completely changed last season. This certainly puts a smile on the face of Daniel Brière, who hasn’t had it easy recently with the Cutter Gauthier issue, among others.

A renewed attitude and a pocketful of talent certainly give the Snake ammunition to argue the point. Let’s face it, the Russian has left his mark by beating the marks of established NHL players.

He finished his post-draft campaign with 41 points. As a simple comparison, Malkin and Kuznetsov each had 32 at that age.

Michkov remains a gamble for the Flyers, who selected him seventh overall in 2023, but talent-wise, there’s no fear for the young Russian player.


– A good start.

– A rare situation.

– We wish him the best.

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