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Lane Hutson: The Snake shares the option of trading him to maximize his value
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Lane Hutson has won the hearts of Montreal fans.

He hasn’t even played a single game in the National League yet…

But he’s still one of the most popular players in the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Right now, positive comments are pouring in for the young player because he’s been so dominant since he entered the NCAA.

The defenseman was nominated as one of the 10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Trophy for the second year in a row… Which means that right now, the young man has a nice value on the market because he’s been good everywhere he’s been in recent years.

The idea of trading him isn’t popular (and that’s normal) because we’re talking about a player who’s popular in town…

But Simon Boisvert, on BPM Sports, didn’t rule out the option of sending him elsewhere to take advantage of his current value:

In my opinion, the offers would be higher today than they will ever be in the rest of his career. – Simon Boisvert

The Snake’s comments make sense because right now, Hutson is among the NHL’s top prospects at large.

On the other hand… I disagree with him and my reasoning is simple: the Habs have been looking for their power-play quarterback since Jeff Petry left, and Lane has what it takes to replace him.

Mike Matheson is in that chair for now… But everyone will agree that Mike Matherson is far from perfect on the PP.

The veteran makes poor decisions, his pass selection often leaves something to be desired… And although he has undeniable offensive talent, he’s not the one who gets the first power-play wave rolling like he should.

Lane Hutson has endless talent. But even if he’s worth something on the open market, that doesn’t mean Kent Hughes has to trade him because he could be part of the long-term solution.

The idea of trading him to get his hands on a talented player is correct. That said, in my eyes, you have to give the runner a chance…

Because he’s shown since his selection that he’s one of the most exciting prospects in the league.


– He wants to be part of the Pittsburgh staff.

– To be continued.

– We tend to forget him.

– Wow! 64, that’s my score after the first 11-12-13 holes usually…

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