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Montreal is known as a fun place for players to party. On the road, it’s one of the top destinations for NHL players.

In case you were wondering where the players go, JT Utah Stanley of The Cup At Home shared an article in which he gives a place where the guys go to celebrate when they’re in town.

It’s the resto Palma, in Griffintown.

According to JT, Connor Bedard stopped by when the Chicago Blackhawks were in town earlier this year. And he’s certainly not the only one who’s been there. Why do I say this?

Because the restaurant’s Instagram account itself shares photos of the guys there. So it’s public information.

The Capitals, the Wild, the Panthers the Oilers, the Sharks and the Red Wings have all notably stopped by the resto, and there are photos on the Palma’s IG account that are there to prove it.

It makes for good publicity and helps control the message about where guys go out on the town: guys do well to agree to take photos like this, anyway.

Remember that NHL teams have to sleep in the city where they’ll be playing the next night. This means that if we disregard the two games in two nights, the guys often have an off night in an opposing city.

For a place like Palma, having so many NHL players is obviously a good sign.

It’s also worth noting that it’s not just the visiting clubs who go to the restaurant. From what we hear, Cole Caufield was also there on a Friday night the night before a game recently.

So if you want to see some NHL players, you know where to go.

In a Nutshell

– What do you think?

– Hum…

– John Tortorella doesn’t want to talk about Sean Couturier.

– What will it be like?

– Oh.

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