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“We could have talked about Brandon Gignac, but it’s not such an original subject anymore”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Last night, the Rocket won a big hockey game 5-1.

It was the Bridgeport Islanders, the Islanders’ training club, who suffered the heavy defeat at the hands of the Rocket, who absolutely had to win the game to hope to stay in the playoff picture for as long as possible.

Jean-François Houle’s men are currently one point out of the playoffs.

The game was notably broadcast on RDS, and during the game (during the second intermission, actually), there was an on-air moment that left listeners puzzled between Bruno Gervais and François-Étienne Corbin.

Here it is, as shared by Canadiens fan Mondy.

Basically, we see François-Étienne Corbin mention that the subject of Brandon Gignac has been discussed so much that it’s no longer original and, by force of circumstance, it’s been cut from the list of topics to be discussed.

He then mentioned to Bruno Gervais that the decision had been made to cut his Hockey 101 segment. Gervais said he wasn’t angry, but extremely disappointed by the lack of judgment.

He also stared into the camera, and Corbin later added that “we told him it wasn’t terrible, but he’d get over it”.

Note that on Twitter, when the situation was raised, Gervais replied the same as on air: I’m not angry, but disappointed. He added that his colleague was always there to stir things up…

There are two ways of looking at this. One way is to think that there was an on-air squabble involving the people in front of the camera and the people in the control room in light of the guys’ comments.

Or you could think it was a joke. And given that the main parties involved are reacting in this way on Twitter, I have a feeling it was indeed a joke.

But if it was, it’s clearly an inside joke and not everyone is in on the joke. So at worst, it’s a squabble and at best, it’s just uncomfortable for listeners.

I’m leaning towards the uncomfortable option.


– Must-see.

– Still.

– Wow.

@hftvsports His French is INCREDIBLE for a guy who lives in Texas 🤯 #gohabsgo #quebec #nhl ♬ original sound – HFTV

– Listen now.

– Interesting read.

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