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Josh Ho-Sang raps about career regrets in vulgar musical album
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Do you remember Josh Ho-Sang? We’re talking about a former New York Islanders prospect who never delivered the goods in his pro days.

In 53 NHL games, he did nothing of note and never established himself as a regular.

The issue here is far from being his talent. In fact, he wasn’t the most motivated of men, and he seemed to collect bad decisions to get his way.

But now we learn that the former NHL player has decided to change careers. He’s now in the music business… and has even released a rap album.

It’s an 18-song record called SAME… and it’s vulgar.

What’s interesting in all this is that he drew inspiration from his experiences… and therefore, by necessity, from his time in the best hockey league in the world.

A case in point? The song “It’s Time to Grow Up” in his repertoire seems to indicate that he was having trouble finding consistency in his work.

Do you like it?

Note that one of his songs is called “Papi for MVP” and that Auston Matthews’ nickname is Papi. So it’s safe to assume that he’s referring to the Maple Leafs player in his song.

In the end, he’ll get attention because he’s a household name in the NHL. But if he really wants to break through, he’ll have to make his talent shine, because he won’t break through simply out of Christian charity.

Still, I prefer the raps of my colleague Maxime “Ironik” Truman.

In bursts

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