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Brendan Gallagher is inspired by his mother’s battle with brain cancer
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Sadly, we recently learned that Brendan Gallagher’s mother is battling brain cancer, specifically glioblastoma, a highly unpredictable tumour.

She has been battling this cancer for over two years now. She is showing great competitiveness and courage to beat glioblastoma, which rarely gives more than 18 months’ life expectancy following diagnosis.

Brendan Gallagher has always been a hard worker who never stops fighting. It has to be said that he inherited this from his mother, but he also draws a great deal of inspiration from her.

And there’s plenty to be inspired by in his case, if this text from Eric Engels, who spoke with Gallagher following Wednesday morning’s training session, is anything to go by.

“It’s very inspiring to see… The fighting spirit she has in her is pretty special.” – Brendan Gallagher

I highly recommend you go and read Engels’ interview with #11, which you can access right here, by the way.

It’s well worth your time.

Among other things, we learn that Della Gallagher, Brendan’s mother, was diagnosed a few weeks after her son’s appearance in the Stanley Cup Final in 2021.

Obviously, this must have had a direct impact on Gallagher’s daily life, both on and off the ice.

It seems that Gally’s regression isn’t just related to his physical condition, as he hasn’t been very gentle with his body throughout his career. His mother’s situation must affect him far more than his physical form.

It must be extremely difficult to play with a situation like that.

At times like these, it’s important to be able to count on someone.

Fortunately for Gallagher, he can count on his fiancée, Emma, with whom he lives. But there’s also his head coach, Martin St-Louis, who has always been there for him. St-Louis lost his mother to cancer in 2014 and doesn’t hesitate to check up on Gally .

Let’s just say I’m not too worried about Gallagher, but also about his whole family, because they’re all warriors, especially his mother, and they’re all very well looked after.

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