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Two Coyotes players had their water cut off after not paying their bill
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The Arizona Coyotes haven’t been so successful lately, but the future looks bright in the desert.

Young players like Logan Cooley, Barrett Hayton and Dylan Guenther are already in the line-up despite their young age, and they’re making a significant impact. Guenther is excellent, with 17 points in 27 games. In fact, he picked up three points in a recent game.

While his success on the ice is obvious, it’s not necessarily rosy in other aspects of his life. Indeed, as Guenther mentioned in an interview with NHL Network, he “forgot” to pay his water bill. As a result, he and his roommate, Jack McBain, had their water shut off.

Both players quickly realized that it’s important enough to brush their teeth, for example.

Right now, McBain and Guenther are the laughing stock of their teammates (and with good reason).

I think we’re a bit of a laughing stock when it comes to our living situation. Dylan Guenther

The two team-mates, who had no water for 14-16 hours, had a good excuse, however: they thought the electricity and water bills were the same. They were paying one bill and it’s not because they’re not making enough money.

Guenther earns $894,167 in 2023-2024 and McBain earns $1.6 million. We can forgive them. After all, they’re only 20 and 24, respectively.

It’s not just the organization that’s having trouble paying its bills, so…

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