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Arber Xhekaj will send Ryan Reaves to the minors, believes Georges Laraque
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I know, I know: Arber Xhekaj isn’t just a guy who can fight.

He’s got good hockey skills, and these days, he’s playing with confidence (and with David Savard), so we’re seeing more and more of the defenseman he can become.

But when we talk about Xhekaj, we think of his battles. And of course, the one against Ryan Reaves springs to mind.

At the start of the season, the Canadiens’ Sheriff planted the Maple Leafs’ strongman, which got people talking. After all, Reaves isn’t exactly an easy customer in the NHL.

And WiFi put him to bed.

Tonight is certainly a game to watch for Xhekaj(as we’ve known for a while), as it will be the first time he’s faced Reaves’ Maple Leafs since the battle.

It’s not normal to play so little against a division rival… but anyway.

All this to say that Georges Laraque has spoken out on the subject. Yesterday, on Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast, the former NHL strongman declared that Xhekaj would beat Reaves.

At what point? To the point where Laraque feels his favorite will send Reaves back to the minors following a battle that seems inevitable on the sidelines of tonight’s duel at the Bell Centre.

After his comment, Georges laughed, clearly proud of his shot.

Clearly, Reaves is a player who will have to fight Xhekaj to save his honour and his difficult season. And we all agree that Xhekaj knows his situation and expects to have his hands full too.

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