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On jase (RDS): André Roy analyzes the Jacob Perreault trade by talking about his brother Gabriel
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Kent Hughes made a move earlier today.

He didn’t trade David Savard or Jake Allen… But he did trade Jan Mysak.

In return, the Habs GM obtained the services of forward Jacob Perreault, a former first-round pick (2020) of the Anaheim Ducks.

This was one of the topics of discussion this lunchtime on the “On Jase” show hosted by Martin Lemay and Yanick Lévesque… And André Roy was invited to answer a few questions related to the Habs’ new acquisition.

André Roy began by saying that he knows Jacob Perreault “more or less”, but that he remembers him because he was good at the World Junior Championship.

The former NHL player went on to say that the experience of his father, Yanic Perreault, probably helped Jacob get to where he is today…

And Roy concludes by saying that Jacob Perreault isn’t the best skater and that some players develop late in life, but it will still be interesting to see how he adapts to Laval.

The problem with all this?

In analyzing the transaction, André Roy talked about Jacob’s brother Gabriel, who was drafted by the Rangers in the last draft and wore the U.S. colors at the last WJC.

Yanick Lévesque stepped in to correct the record, after receiving text messages from Stéphane Leroux and François Gagnon:

It wasn’t Jacob Perreault who played at the World Junior. It was Gabriel Perreault, who was good at the World Junior this winter.

Jacob Perreault never played at the World Junior. – Yanick Lévesque

The segment can be found at the 37th minute of the show, which you can watch here :

André Roy’s comments sounded a little crazy, because Jacob Perreault had just been acquired by the Canadiens.

We’re talking about two brothers who are known in part because of their father, and we’re talking about two guys who were drafted in the first round… But still.

It’s worth noting that if the Habs had traded Jan Mysak for Gabriel Perreault, who’s having a breakout season in the NCAA and was a standout at the last World Junior Championship, Montreal and New York would be in an uproar.

Everyone in the NHL would have been calling for him…

And everyone would have asked if Chris Drury (Rangers GM) was drunk when he made the deal.


– Troy Stetcher heads to Edmonton.

– The transaction is now confirmed.

– Lots of players in the waivers today, including Tony DeAngelo. Also note that Ryan Johansen (Flyers) has not been claimed.

– Interesting.

– Great news for the Quebecer.

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