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David Savard: “growing interest” at the moment, says David Pagnotta
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired the services of Joel Edmundson in the last few minutes. It’s a good move for the playoffs, as he’s built for spring hockey.

Does this mean David Savard won’t be going to Toronto? That’s a good question. In any case, it reduces the Maple Leafs’ need for him, let’s face it.

But elsewhere in the NHL, Savard is clearly in demand.

According to David Pagnotta, the Quebec defenseman is currently in “increased demand” throughout the NHL. According to what’s circulating, he could be on his way out by tomorrow.

Discussions seem to have resumed.

That certainly doesn’t mean he’ll be traded, since if he does leave, it’s only if Kent Hughes has his price. That said, the more demand there is, the quicker the bidding gets going.

So it’s possible right now.

That said, if prices are similar to those of the last few days and lower than we think, he might not leave either. After all, the Habs don’t want to trade him because there’s no rush.

It will take an offer that can’t be refused to move him.

Details to come…

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