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The Canadiens would like to see Adam Engstrom in Laval next week
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The subject of defensemen is the talk of the Canadiens organization. After all, we know the Habs have too many… which is a nice problem to have, really.

Maybe one of them will be traded by Friday, as I mentioned this morning. That said, maybe not.

If the Habs decide not to trade a defenseman, whether in Montreal or Laval, they’ll have to live with the fact that by the end of the season, it could be a crowded place to be, as they say.

After all, we know that Lane Hutson should, if all goes well, finish the season with the Habs. We don’t know how many games he might play because of the NCAA schedule… but that’s another matter.

David Reinbacher? We’re following what’s happening in Switzerland, and even the second division, to find out if the defender will have to play a relegation series. But ideally, he’d finish the season in Laval, and that would happen pretty quickly.

What about Adam Engstrom?

We know that the Habs hold him in high esteem and that they want to see what he’s got. But now, according to Arpon Basu of The Athletic, the Habs want him to finish the season with the Rocket.

Reinbacher and Engstrom to finish the season would be two big additions. The defense would be interesting down there, in any case.

Note that Basu mentions that the Rocket and Habs would like to see Engstrom sign his entry-level contract soon, and that discussions are planned to that effect.

Like Reinbacher, Engstrom doesn’t play for a big club. There are four games left in his regular season (until March 12) and the Habs’ goal is to have the defenseman in North America by then. That’s in eight days’ time.

But for that to happen, Rögle will have to finish lower than 10th place, since that gives him access to the playoffs. To be continued.

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