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Matt Rempe hits a wall against the Blues Jackets
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The NHL’s badass of the hour is not Arber Xhekaj, although he continues to terrorize opponents with his hard-hitting checks and punches.

Lately, young Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers has been the talk of the town, as he keeps dropping the gloves – and not against just anyone.

It all started in his first career game at the Stadium Series, when he dropped the gloves against Matt Martin of the New York Islanders, who isn’t a first-timer.

In fact, it was the first time a rookie had played his first career game on the road.

In Saturday night’s game, Rempe wasn’t afraid to take on Nicolas Deslauriers, and the two put up a furious fight.

In the Deslauriers fight, it was the Quebecer who had the upper hand, knocking the 21-year-old giant down, despite several good shots from both brawlers.

Rempe was back for more tonight, as his team visited the Columbus Blue Jackets. Once again, it was a Quebecer who decided to take on Rempe, but this time, the colossus didn’t fare so well.

At 6’1″, Quebecer Mathieu Olivier turned Rempe into his puppet in a violent battle:

That must have hurt.

Olivier isn’t someone to be taken lightly. And it looks like Rempe didn’t expect the Quebecer to give him such a hard time.

One duel Montreal Canadiens fans can’t wait to see is on April 7, when the Tricolore visit the New York Rangers.

A duel between Arber Xhekaj and Matt Rempe is on the cards, and I’m sure the vast majority of fans are really looking forward to it.

It remains to be seen whether Rempe will be better prepared and dare to throw down the gloves against Wi-Fi.

Personally, I expect Xhekaj to treat him badly in a fight. In any case, Rempe will have some homework to do if he hopes to defeat the Habs colossus.

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