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The Lane Hutson – Macklin Celebrini duo strikes again
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If there’s one Montreal Canadiens prospect everyone can’t wait to see in a Tricolore uniform, it’s defenseman Lane Hutson.

Indeed, Boston University’s number 20 is the most polarizing prospect in Montreal, with his name on every Habs fan’s lips.

When the time comes to talk about the future and the exciting future of the Montreal team, Hutson is the first name that comes up among the prospects who haven’t yet joined the big club.

In short, everyone is excited to see Hutson play for the Habs, and even more so when you look at and analyze his performances this season in the NCAA.

Hutson is simply dominant, producing at an even better rate than his last historic season (1.23 points per game in 2022-2023 vs. 1.34 points per game in 2023-2024).

That’s historic production for a 20-year-old defenseman.

The Boston University defenseman is all over the ice every time he shows up, and it always seems like something’s going to happen when he gets possession of the puck.

What’s even more exciting this season is the duo he forms with Macklin Celebrini.

The chemistry between Hutson and the NHL’s next No. 1 overall pick is clear.

Last night, in Boston University’s 6-1 win over the University of Connecticut, Hutson and Celebrini were at it again.

First, Hutson fed Celebrini for a power-play goal.

And later, the two became accomplices to Lane’s brother Quinn Hutson’s 12ᵉ of the season.

Lane Hutson finished the game with two assists, bringing his point total this season to 39 (12 goals and 27 assists) in 29 games, while Celebrini had four points, including two goals.

That’s 43 points (25 goals, 22 assists) in 29 games, good for third in the entire NCAA.

In short, the chemistry between the two clearly continues to make Habs fans dream of seeing the two reunited in Montreal.

Of course, it’s a dream that unfortunately remains unrealistic, given that Celebrini will almost certainly be drafted first overall in the next NHL draft, a position the Habs won’t reach unless they get very lucky and win the lottery.


Dream on, but the chances of this happening are very slim.


You can see for yourself by having fun simulating the lottery, and you’ll see that the Habs don’t often come out on top.

For now, we can continue to be enthusiastic about Lane Hutson, as he’s not a dream, given that he’s already a Habs prospect.

I’m really looking forward to seeing him play with the Habs, even if it could be short-lived this season.

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