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Injury: Martin St-Louis doesn’t know if Cole Caufield is close to missing a game
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I don’t think I’m telling you anything by saying that Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkovsky are the only good trio on the Habs these days. The three guys are (almost) the only ones producing points, it seems.

And the craziest part is that they’re doing it when they’re clearly not at 100% capacity.

You might say that no one really is at this point in the year, but the fact that all three had a treatment day on Sunday morning, during group training, is a good indication.

The three of them may not be injured to the same degree as Carey Price, for example, but they clearly have a little something.

Is it just fatigue, from putting the club on their backs for the past few weeks? You might think it’s a little more than that… especially in the case of Cole Caufield.

After all, Caufield missed the Canadiens’ last three practices for treatment. That’s a big clue – and he’s the only one who missed yesterday’s session, in fact.

Yesterday, during Martin St-Louis’ media availability, we heard Martin McGuire ask the coach about the health of the player in the first year of an eight-year contract.

McGuire said that in addition to missing practices, Caufield will consult with the Habs medical staff along the strip when it comes time to take part in pre-game warm-ups.

So the question to the coach was simple: will Caufield, who missed training yesterday due to a day off, have to skip his turn in a game soon?

No idea. – Martin St-Louis

After his answer, St-Louis waited a few seconds, shaking his head. He didn’t seem to want to say anything more on the subject, but reading between the lines, it’s clear that it’s a possibility.

We can assume that the coach has already thought of a plan in his head to replace Caufield on the first trio, if need be. And you’d think he wouldn’t want to use it.

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