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Jaromir Jagr: “My girlfriend was too young to see me play in Pittsburgh”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
This week in Pittsburgh, Jaromir Jagr was all the rage.

This afternoon, the Penguins paid him a fitting tribute by retiring his number.

The legend, who has always called Pittsburgh his home, was well received.

Jagr gavea beautiful and touching speech, saluting his former teammates, fans and managers, among others.

However, his best line was when he thanked his girlfriend, Dominika, who was too young to see him play with the Penguins. Well said!

Dominika was born in 1995 (23 years older than her spouse). She was only five when Jagr officially left the Penguins.

Indeed, she was too young to remember anything.

In addition to a comical quote about his spouse, Jagr allowed himself a few jokes about his teammates. He was also more serious and emotional when talking about his recently deceased father.

This speech really had it all.

In Pennsylvania, the man who played with the Penguins and Flyers is a legend. But today, he has won back the hearts of his fans. He skated with the team during the week. Today, after the ceremony, he jumped on the ice during warm-up.

By the way, the current Penguins were sporting the mullet.

In the 1990 draft, the Penguins decided to take a chance on the Czech with the fifth pick. The winger ended up spending 11 seasons in the team’s uniform, playing 806 games and collecting 1,079 points.

Taking his jersey off with the team makes sense.

As a reminder, Jagr is still not retired. In 2023-2024, with the Kladno Knights, he collected four points in 15 games. Still, he’s 52 years old…

Let’s hope his favorite player was able to attend the ceremony.

In bursts

– Remember that in 2025, the Four Nations Tournament will take place.

– 2-1 overtime loss for the Rocket.

– He’s excellent.

– Things are going well.

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