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Jake Allen and Colorado: not imminent, says Darren Dreger
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Yesterday was a busy day in Montreal. One of the big stories surrounding the Habs was that the Colorado Avalanche and the Montreal Canadiens were discussing Jake Allen. But why?

Because there were several people saying that the goalie was approaching Denver (with one hockey man even sending him to Colorado) yesterday. It was so big that a few informants felt the need to deny the fact.

But between the lines, it’s clear that Allen has already been talked about.

One of those who refuted the news of the transaction was Darren Dreger. The TSN employee stated that, no, the goalie was obviously not traded yesterday to finish out his contract in Colorado.

But there are still things to be said on the matter.

According to what Darren Dreger said on TSN 690 this morning, nothing is imminent in the file and we shouldn’t expect a transaction to take place tomorrow morning.

But have there already been discussions? Yes,” he says.

According to Dreger, things have gone rather slowly in recent weeks. From what he hears, for the past ten days or so, there haven’t really been any major discussions between the two clubs.

Could this start up again? Yes. After all, Dreger thinks Jake Allen could be a good fit for Colorado.

I don’t know what it would take to make Colorado happy (in terms of money) and the Habs happy (in terms of a return), but if Colorado is interested in what we’re currently seeing from Allen, who’s playing poorly… so much the better for the Habs.

Let’s just say it opens the door to other teams. However, I’m still among those who don’t necessarily believe in a transaction this season.

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