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Even Jean Béliveau and Guy Lafleur saw Marc Bergevin disrespect them.
Credit: The end of his reign was not a logical continuation of his beginnings.

The Montreal Canadiens changed management just over two years ago. Jeff Gorton, who is now GM of the Canadiens’ Blue Jackets VP, and Kent Hughes, who is GM of La Flanelle, took Marc Bergevin’s place.

Obviously, many changes have been made alongside this breath of fresh air. The rebuilding of the club is clearly the best example of all.

But there are also behind-the-scenes aspects that have changed. Of the lot? The management of the Anciens Canadiens.

I say in the shadows, but you know as well as I do that Old Canadians have not been treated the same way since Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes took over.

Serge Savard has said it often enough for us to know…

But this morning, on BPM Sports, Gilbert Delorme brought us additional information on the subject. The radio host, himself a former Flanelle player, talked about the treatment of Jean Béliveau and Guy Lafleur.

And let’s just say, even for two of the franchise’s all-time greats, it wasn’t classy.

When Jean Béliveau came to Habs games, he would pass close to the Habs locker room on his way to the Alumni lounge. And this obviously bothered the former GM.

Bergevin therefore asked a security man to warn Mr. Béliveau to change his path. It must have been tempting for him to pass the message on to Jean Béliveau, you know…

You tell M. Béliveau that I don’t want him here anymore. It bothers the players. – Marc Bergevin to a Bell Centre security man, as reported by Gilbert Delorme

I’m not going to say any more, since you can form your own opinion on the subject. Everyone here knows how important Jean Béliveau was to Montreal.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Béliveau passed away in 2014. He hadn’t been GM long, Bergevin… and clearly, he’d already settled into his management position.

But that’s not all. He also asked Guy Lafleur – he had someone tell him, in fact – to park somewhere other than the players’ lot. And according to Gilbert Delorme, it’s not because he’s running out of room.

These are not anecdotes that make Bergevin look good, let’s say.

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