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Bob Hartley sees Joe Sakic in Nick Suzuki

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Bob Hartley sees Joe Sakic in Nick Suzuki
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These days, there’s no doubt that the hot topic with the Montreal Canadiens is how forwards Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkovsky play together.

Everyone has an opinion on the matter.

Following Tuesday’s game, in which the two scored three goals together (two for the captain, one for the Slovak), let’s just say that the comments are increasingly complimentary.

For example? As Jonathan Bernier of the Journal de Montréal notes, the two players have done better than Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl together in recent games, having worked together on eight Habs goals since January 25.

As for the Oilers, they have been partners in five of their club’s goals.

While there’s a lot of talk about Slafkovsky, who’s been among the NHL’s elite since the beginning of February, there’s also something to be said for the captain. It’s the latter who controls the Canadiens’ first trio (which also includes Cole Caufield).

And according to Bob Hartley, he does it admirably well. As the former coach told On Jase yesterday, he even has Joe Sakic in his nose.

That’s no small compliment from Hartley, who praises Suzuki at every opportunity. He really likes the game the center forward brings to 200 feet. One wonders if that will earn him Selke votes.

In his eyes, Suzuki is clearly playing the game the right way.

I like the control of his game.

Cheaters take shortcuts on the negative side, but Suzuki takes them on the positive side. – Bob Hartley

He truly believes that Slaf and Caufield are excellent players, but that having the chance to play with Suzuki makes them better. And it’s this aspect that makes Hartley, who won the Cup with Joe Sakic, compare his former center to the current Flanelle captain.

We can’t wait to see what we’ll see from the first trio tonight against Alex Belzile’s Rangers. Will he be in uniform?

In gusto

– Really?

– Ouch.

– It’s easy to see why.

– With good reason.

– An outdoor game for the Blue Jackets.

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