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Jacob Markstrom has reportedly agreed to be traded to the Devils
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The New Jersey Devils need help. If they’re going to make the playoffs, they’re going to need some reinforcements.

After all, when you look at the standings, you realize that New Jersey’s representatives aren’t necessarily far from a playoff spot in 2024. And that’s despite a more difficult start to the campaign.

But right now, the club is fighting for a playoff spot… while hoping the Flyers don’t hold up in their division.

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We know that the franchise’s biggest problem is in front of the net. After all, the Devils have allowed 177 goals this season… which doesn’t put them among the NHL’s elite.

In fact, only the Sharks, Blue Jackets, Canadiens and Blackhawks do worse. All clubs with Stanley Cup aspirations, we agree… #League

The club’s management, which includes Martin Brodeur, knows that it takes a little stability in front of the net to try to bring the Cup back to town. It won’t happen without it.

Even Jack Hughes, who said it’s easier to win when the goalie makes saves, says it with a straight face.

And that’s why Jacob Markstrom has been a target of the club. After all, according to reporter James Nichols, there were big negotiations to bring the goalie to New Jersey.

How big? Markstrom even agreed to waive his non-movement clause to join the Devils.

In the end, the deal didn’t go through and the goalie is still a member of the Flames. But it’s clear that discussions were at an advanced stage for the goalie to reach this point.

It’s not a request made in vain, that.

Markstrom knows that the Flames are embarking on a process that won’t be any fun. He knows that by the end of his contract (he earns $6 million a year for another two-and-a-half years), the Flames may not win much.

Not surprisingly, he has agreed, unsuccessfully, to waive his clause.

I say unsuccessfully, but maybe discussions will resume. Because yes, maybe the Devils will look elsewhere, but maybe some common ground will finally be found with the Flames.

And if that happens… New Jersey will be one to watch in the playoffs. Especially if Jack Hughes can stay healthy.

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