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Réjean Tremblay: Caufield was “dizzy” in a resto-bar Thursday night
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
A few years ago, the likes of JT Utah and I would often break news about the private public partying lives of Canadiens players, giving many mainstream journalists a rash and headache.

15 years later, things have changed. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not… but society is clearly not the same as it was in the early 2000s.

Proof #19854326742: Réjean Tremblay tells us this morning (in coded language) that last Thursday night, Cole Caufield got wasted at Marcus, a chic restaurant located in Montreal’s Four Seasons Hotel. Réjean used his daily column in a traditional media outlet (BPM Sports) to share this information with us.

“For example, late Thursday night at the Marcus, Cole Caufield had obviously swallowed way too much cough syrup. Poor guy, he was all giddy.”Réjean Tremblay

I’d also heard this story over the weekend.

The Canadiens had no games scheduled between Tuesday and Saturday… and going out for a drink in a resto-bar/lounge isn’t unusual for a 23-year-old multimillionaire.

The problem? If he was that giddy – and that’s what people who were there say – you’d think Caufield didn’t stop at a little cask ale. It seems to me that when you’re in Montreal and a new podcast called Stanley25 has just been launched(hehe), you might want to make an effort to drink your late-night drinks in private, not in public.

I sincerely wonder what the decision-makers at the Habs think…

Note that my colleague Jean Trudel talked about alcohol and Canadiens players on the first episode of Stanley25. Interesting stuff!

Ican’t wait to see if Réjean becomes an insider specializing in Montreal nightlife, or if this was just the story of a column. If you’re ever in town for a drink and run into Rej, give him my best… and ask him if he prefers Quebec or Montreal. #Inside

Jeff Gorton at McLean’s Pub
While we’re on the subject of bars, beers and the Montreal Canadiens, I’m told that Jeff Gorton was spotted at McLean’s Pub, a renowned Irish tavern in downtown Montreal – last Friday night.

The Habs’ VP hockey was accompanied by a man (and no, the two guys weren’t giddy): Jérome Mésonéro, a 51-year-old Quebecer now an amateur scout with the Colorado Avalanche organization.

Mésonéro has worked for the Avalanche since leaving the Q in 2014.

Was it a meeting for fun? A business meeting to see if we could work together in the future?

No idea.


– Super Bowl LVII: Never bet against Tom Brady Pat Mahomes.

It was a pretty defensive Super Bowl until the very end, when Pat Mahomes found a way to work some magic. Can’t wait to see if the spat between Travis Kelce and Andy Reid is quickly forgotten.

What else? I gained 10 pounds last night.

Taylor Swift doesn’t bother me (at all)… even when she’s chugging booze. Ludacris and Lil Jon saved the halftime show. Usher was good in 2004… in the bedroom; not in 2024 at the Super Bowl! Green Day was better at the Grey Cup; that’s all there is to it.

If the rules hadn’t changed, the 49ers would have won the Super Bowl. And we’d still be crying about the ridiculousness of these oldrules…

And to break the record twice for the longest kick in a Super Bowl… on the same night, that’s something!

– Question like that: why don’t we move the Super Bowl to Saturday night? I know NFL football is a Sunday tradition… but I’m f*cking maganed this morning and Saturday night, I had nothing else to do.

– Jake Allen: that’s enough right there. You’re welcome, Mr. Gorton and Mr. Hughes…

– Dach, Dvorak, Harvey-Pinard, Wideman, Price, Harris, Guhle… the years follow each other (unfortunately) with the Habs. #Infirmary

It’s time for the season to end. But hey… we’ve still got 30 games to go.

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