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David Pagnotta links David Savard’s name to that of the Stars
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Will David Savard still be a member of the Habs on March 9, the day after the NHL trade deadline?

That’s one of the most popular questions in town right now.

After all, the defenseman is undoubtedly the most interesting player (for other teams) on the Habs right now, and his experience should make him even more attractive in the coming weeks.

Lately, there’s been talk of the defenseman being traded to a number of teams.

Obviously, the Leafs were mentioned because Toronto’s blue line lacks leadership and experience…

The idea of seeing him end up in Edmonton also makes sense, because the Oilers have the same problem as the Leafs…

There’s also been talk of him returning to Tampa, as the Lightning look for a defenseman after losing the services of Mikhail Sergachev…

But then, in a recent article, David Pagnotta linked his name to that of the Dallas Stars.

This scenario has never really been a popular one in discussions :

The Stars are having quite a season.

They sit in 4th place overall in the NHL standings and are just six points behind the Canucks, who are in first place.

The consensus is that the Stars will make the playoffs, barring a huge surprise.

That’s where the addition of a guy like David Savard, who’s already won in the past, could prove interesting.

When you take a step back and look at the club’s defense, you realize that it’s sorely lacking in experience…

And I find it hard to believe that with a defense like this, the Stars will be able to go all the way:

(Credit: Daily Faceoff)
The question now is this.

Will the Stars be willing to pay top dollar for a veteran like David Savard? The defenseman’s contract ($3.5 M/season) expires at the end of the 24-24 season…

But we know that Kent Hughes won’t trade the defenseman just to please another team.

Especially since the Quebecer insists he wants to stay in Montreal, because he likes the organization…

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