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Ridley Greig’s gesture: even Claude Giroux felt uneasy
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Morgan Rielly’s blow to Ridley Greig’s head made the rounds on the web.

For those who missed it, Greig scored in an empty net last night with a slap shot…

And Rielly came to knock him out after the goal, hitting him directly on the coconut with his stick.

After the game, several players from both teams were asked to comment on the sequence.

Claude Giroux, who is the undisputed veteran of the team and has seen it all since the start of his career, seemed to have a problem with his team-mate’s gesture at the end of the game:

It was an intense match. The fans were into it. Sometimes things like that happen. There’s not much to say. – Claude Giroux

Everyone has a different opinion of the blow landed by the Leafs defender.

Some feel he acted correctly because Greig’s gesture was unnecessary…

And others feel that Rielly should never have hit the Sens player directly in the head because, as we all agree, it’s dangerous.

But in all this, I really wonder what Giroux said to Greig after the game.

Claude Giroux has been a leader since his arrival in the National League, having worn the “C” on his jersey for so many years in Philly

And if anyone’s in a good position to give advice or calm the youngsters down, it’s him.

Sens vs Leafs games are always intense because we’re talking about two Ontario clubs, but it should be noted that the two clubs won’t be playing each other until the end of the season.

The first game between the two teams next season is likely to be a bumpy one.

Morgan Rielly will be questioned by the NHL’s security department. He could be suspended for more than five games.

In a gust

– Still.

– Go for it!

– It’s going to be quite a show.

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