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Rafaël Harvey-Pinard: unable to put weight on his leg, he leaves the match
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Today, the Canadiens can count on the return of Alex Newhook to the line-up. It’s a return that will do a world of good to a forward line that, quite frankly, is pitiful.

Yet, just as the club is banking on a comeback, it has unfortunately seen another of the club’s forwards injured: Rafaël Harvey-Pinard suffered a serious leg injury today.

He left the game unable to put any weight on his leg… and even worse, it was contact with his own teammate, Joel Armia, that was to blame.

It was obviously a rather worrying scene for the Quebec forward, who had enjoyed a good first period. Seeing him leave without being able to put any weight on his leg is a sign that doesn’t bode well.

It would be very, very surprising to see him return to action today… and it’s conceivable that he could be out for an extended period.

Obviously, we can’t blame Armia for what is really an accident, but it’s a blow to the Montreal forward group. The defender’s right leg made a movement reminiscent of Mikhail Sergachev’s injury on Wednesday night, when he had to go under the knife.

Let’s hope for the young Quebec forward’s sake that he avoided the worst, but unfortunately, there are serious reasons for concern at the moment.

We should know more in the next few hours.


With the Habs back in action as early as tomorrow afternoon, it’s safe to assume that the club will be forced to issue a recall if the worst comes to the worst for RHP. Let’s not forget that, at the moment, the club has no extra forward (Brendan Gallagher still has to serve a two-game suspension in addition to today’s).

Kent Hughes must be getting tired of dealing with injuries for the Habs.

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