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Deadline: David Ettedgui sees David Savard and Jake Allen leave
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There’s been a lot of talk about possible trades at the Habs lately.

The trade deadline is exactly one month away, after all…

And the face of the Habs could change (again) between now and March 8.

We know the situation almost by heart: Kent Hughes (who took over the phone in the Jake Allen case) won’t budge until he gets the price he wants for his players’ services.

NHL executives are getting to know his way of doing things, as my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois explained in a text earlier today.

But that doesn’t stop anyone from thinking that someone will be traded in the next month.

For example, David Ettedgui, who was on BPM Sports today, thinks that David Savard and Jake Allen will be traded before the deadline. #Veterans

He also thinks that Kent Hughes will try to trade guys in the minors to free up contracts over his limit (of 50) :

I think it’s the two (Allen and Savard) who will leave from the current edition, and maybe two or three other players with professional contracts in the minors. – David Ettedgui

Ettedgui also maintains that, in his eyes, David Savard is worth a first-round pick…

But we know that the Habs aren’t considering trading their veteran right now:

At the time of writing, the Habs have 45 players under contract.

Note, however, that this does not include David Reinbacher, who is currently playing in Switzerland.

The idea of trading guys playing in the minors is an interesting one, in my view, because we mustn’t forget that there are young players on the way.

Expect Lane Hutson and Luke Tuch to sign entry-level contracts with the Habs after their NCAA seasons in Boston…

Then there’s Adam Engström, who could be on his way to North America soon… And then there’s the fact that the draft is coming up relatively soon.

That said, two players catch my eye when I look at the players under contract in the Habs organization.

Brady Keeper and Filip Cederqvist, who don’t have a big role in the Rocket’s line-up, could become perfect candidates to trade in order to free up some space on the 50-contract limit :

(Credit: CapFriendly)

Because let’s not forget one thing.

The Rocket is in the thick of the playoff race right now… And it would be surprising to see Kent Hughes trade a mainstay of Jean-François Houle’s squad.

At the very least, if the GM wants to give his club-school a shot at the playoffs, he has to offer Houle a line-up that can improve the club’s chances of getting its ticket to the spring dance.

All in all, it’s going to be interesting, at least until March 8.

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