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David Reinbacher must arrive in Montreal “as soon as possible”, believes Bob Hartley
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Much has been said in recent months about David Reinbacher’s season in Europe. We know that his team, EHC Kloten, has been at the bottom of the standings since the start of the campaign, so much so that he is already on his third head coaching assignment.

The good news is that, despite health problems and slumps, things are picking up for Reinbacher. His team has been blanked in the last two games, but he still had four points in five games before this recent slide.

That said, many people are hoping he’ll head for Quebec at the end of his European season. Whether it’s to Laval (the most likely avenue) or Montreal (to give him a taste of the NHL at the end of the season), there’s a feeling that this is probably what awaits him in a few weeks’ time.

And if that happens, it’ll make a lot of people happy… including Bob Hartley.

Speaking to Hockey 360 this evening, Hartley made it quite clear that he believes Reinbacher should arrive in Montreal “as soon as possible”.

Not unlike many people, Hartley doesn’t really like the fact that the young defenseman is playing on such a bad team, and that he’s already been through three coaches since the start of the campaign. He acknowledges that all is not lost (he’s still playing against men in a league that isn’t bad), but these aren’t ideal conditions either.

In Quebec, he’d at least have some stability (Martin St-Louis and Jean-François Houle don’t look like they’re about to lose their jobs, after all) and he’d still have the opportunity to play against men. All this is likely to facilitate the defenseman’s development,” says Hartley.

Let’s not forget that, with alittle luck, Reinbacher could theoretically make it to Quebec in a month or so. To do so, however, his team will need to finish 12th in the standings (out of 14 teams), and the two recent defeats haven’t exactly helped EHC Kloten. There’s still only a three-point gap between the two clubs (remember, it’s a 3-2-1-0 system over there), so just one win in regulation time could change things, but time is running out with the season ending in early March.

Should he remain in 13th place, on the other hand, we may have to wait until April before the young man has the opportunity to arrive in Quebec.

We’ll see if Bob Hartley’s wish (shared by many fans) comes true in the next few weeks, but it would be good for the youngster, who could adapt to North American ice at the same time.

To be continued.

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