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The president of the Players’ Association criticized the ridicule surrounding the Coyotes
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There are developments in the Arizona Coyotes file.

Actually… there are some “bad” developments in the Arizona Coyotes file.

Why is that? Because the NHL continues to cover itself in ridicule.

Marty Walsh, president of the Players’ Association, revealed that the club has missed two deadlines related to the construction of an NHL-capable amphitheatre.

And Walsh, speaking of the Coyotes’ situation, really said out loud what many are thinking:

They (the Coyotes) play in a college arena and they’re the second tenant in the building… That’s no way to run a business. – Marty Walsh

Not to repeat myself, but the Coyotes had until the end of January to announce concrete plans to build a new arena.

And clearly, none of that has happened.

What do the Coyotes think of all this?

Well, it’s simple… The team continues to assert that they are “fully committed” to staying in Arizona and look forward to “sharing exciting news” soon.

This is no joke:

It doesn’t stop there.

In his speech about the Coyotes, Marty Walsh also stated that he is extremely disappointed with the Arizona organization.

Walsh told reporters that the senior members of the Coyotes won’t even talk to the Players’ Association about the conditions of the players who play in Arizona.

Again, you can’t make this stuff up:

It seems like every time we talk about the Coyotes lately…

It’s for all the wrong reasons.

So, when is the end of this fiasco that’s been going on for far too long?

I’d like to answer that question… But I’m thinking it’s not a good sign when I hear the NHL commissioner openly say he’s confident the club will stay in Arizona:

In gusts

– I confess.

Suzzzzz !

– He’s looking good!

– Come on!

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