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The Canadiens have 23 draft picks over the next two years
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A rebuilding club likes to have its hands full when it comes to making transactions. And let’s just say that right now, Kent Hughes’ hands are pretty full.

Take the bank of defensemen. Mike Matheson and David Savard (who could be the next to leave) are the veterans. But among the youngsters, there are also plenty of guys who’ll want to make their mark in the long term.

For example?

Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Arber Xhekaj, Johnathan Kovacevic (let’s consider him a youngster for the sake of argument), Jayden Struble, Justin Barron, Logan Mailloux, William Trudeau, Mattias Norlinder (or not), David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, Adam Engstrom, Bogdan Konyushkov…

In short, there are plenty of people at Mass.

The GM has already said it recently: he knows he’s going to have to trade young defensemen for reinforcements up front. The Habs need help in the top-6, and there’s – obviously – not enough room for everyone on the blue line.

But it’s not just defensemen who can be traded: picks too.

Before sending Sean Monahan to Winnipeg, the Habs had 11 picks for the upcoming auction. But now, the Flanelle have 12 picks for June 2024.

Nothing less.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

We’re talking about two first-round picks, a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick. Kent Hughes also has three of the last 32 picks in the draft, which is… interesting?

The following year? Two picks per round from first to fourth. These are big assets, since to speak eight times in the first four rounds is quite something.

Note that if Winnipeg wins the Cup in 2024, the Habs will have a third pick in 2027. It will also have the 32nd right to speak in the 2024 session, which is not optimal. The Habs must be hoping not to see the Jets reach the Final Four.

So yes, Hughes has the hardware to go after another Kirby Dach or another Alex Newhook. But what will he do? That remains to be seen.

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