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Nick Suzuki: “Carey Price was always ready to play up front (and not as a goalkeeper)”.
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The Montreal CF will train one last time at Complexe sportif Marie-Victorin this morning before heading to Florida to complete its training camp. Reminder: the CF Montréal will open its season in Orlando in three weeks’ time. Coming up.

Between now and then, the team will play no less than four preparatory games, during which we’ll have the chance to see Dominic Iankov, Matias Coccaro and – we hope – Jozef Martinez in action. It’s really nice to see a household name in soccer – and not just in the projects – choose Montreal.

Can’t wait to see what CF Montréal has to say about Martinez today, at Marie-Vic…

On the face of it, Olivier Renard’s mercato has been very convincing. The additions he’s been able to make will bring a lot of quality to the existing squad.

Except that a closer look at the latest moves made by the club’s management reveals that the money available has above all been better used/distributed, which means Olivier Renard deserves even more praise. So far at least! #ComeToMontreal

Carey Price, the forward
The hockey world was surprised to learn on Wednesday that Carey Price was still the best goalie in the NHL… according to a player on the circuit. #LOL

Yesterday, Carey Price was in the news again for two reasons. Definitely his week!

First, Angela Price confirmed on her social networks that the Price family had no intention of moving back to Montreal in the future. We suspected as much.

Second, Nick Suzuki told reporters in Toronto for the All-Star Game that Price loves to play up front… and that he always has the equipment to do so if the need arises.

We’re probably not talking about a bag as full as a regular forward like Suzuki, but Price, over the years, has on a few occasions swapped his goalie stock for a pair of gloves and a player’s stick before or after a practice. Or during optional practice.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – the Habs never needed to tell their #1 goalie: today, four players are in treatment, you play forward. I’m willing to believe that Price had a good shot; he’d never have been able to keep up.

Maybe if Price had been part of a three-man household, we’d have had more of a chance to test him offensively? #Hehe

In the end, an emergency goaltender (Karel St-Laurent, David Ayres and others) is always more useful than an emergency forward on a hockey team.

It’s crazy how much people are talking about Carey Price this week, even though he’s retired and a long way from arenas!

In gusto

– The Flames liquidating and having to start a rebuild (or reset ) with Jonathan Huberdeau under contract… and 18 months after giving a (probably very good) first-round pick to the Habs to simply help them free up salary because they wanted to win, you can’t make that up. #JustSaying

– News from Sean Farrell.

– Nathan MacKinnon put himself in position to draft Sidney Crosby yesterday.

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