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The Canucks want to keep Elias Lindholm for the long term
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After acquiring Elias Lindholm in exchange for Andrei Kuzmenko, Hunter Brzustewicz, Joni Jurmo, a first-round pick and a conditional fourth-round pick, the Canucks are now poised for an intense run towards the Stanley Cup. However, they will also have to think about the post-season.

The Canucks’ President of Hockey Operations, Jim Rutherford, appeared on the latest episode of The Jeff Marek Show podcast and took the time to explain his thoughts on the matter.

The first thing you need to know is that Rutherford is determined to keep Lindholm with the team for the long term. Charming the player with the city shouldn’t be too difficult, having played in Raleigh and Calgary in his career. Let’s just say that the bar isn’t necessarily high.

In fact, his $4.85 million contract expires at the end of the season and he will become an uncompensated free agent. If the Canucks don’t want to lose him without a return, they’re going to have to offer him a contract soon.

“In an ideal world, we’d keep him long-term, but we’ll see how it goes. Obviously, if we keep him long-term, it will have a domino effect on the number of players we can keep at the salary cap.” – Jim Rutherford

Rutherford’s point in all this is that several players will need new contracts for next season, including two names with much higher salaries than before. We’re talking about Elias Pettersson and Philip Hronek.

With a contract worth $7.35 million a year, Pettersson should be entitled to a solid salary increase. He should earn at least $10 million per season. As for Hronek, he is currently at $4.4 million per season and should also be entitled to a good salary increase.

All this, in a team already flirting with the salary cap. Vancouver currently has only $1,866,250 under the cap. Fortunately for Vancouver, the cap will go up next year.

Decisions will have to be made, but Lindholm could be prioritized because of his position. J.T. Miller is the team’s best center, and then it’s down to Teddy Bluedger (not counting Lindholm).

This will be quite a puzzle for the Canucks organization, which is probably more focused on the playoffs right now.

For now, Lindholm seems happy with the situation. When asked by reporters how he heard the news, he explained that he had just returned from a trip to Mexico and was on a plane.

He also explained how excited he is to be joining such a successful team.

He even took advantage of his appearance at the NHL All-Star Weekend to have a few laughs about the situation. When asked how he reacted when his new teammates didn’t pick him in the All-Star Draft, he only replied that he’s not worried about it and that he’ll talk about it with them over a beer later in the evening.

His integration should go well with other Swedes on the team like Elias Pettersson, Nils Hoglander and general manager Patrik Allvin.

Lindholm seems happy, and the Canucks are poised for a strong playoff run. They’ll be thinking about the future after the season.


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