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David Reinbacher ranks seventh among Marc Dumont’s top prospects
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Things have been going well for David Reinbacher in recent games.

My colleague Marc-Olivier Cook summarized his latest games yesterday.

But since the start of the season, things haven’t necessarily been rosy, so much so that he’s dropped down the rankings of top prospects. At least, Marc Dumont’s has. The former team employee ranks the Austrian seventh.

For your information, Dumont ranked the hopefuls (a group of B/B- hopefuls, according to Simon Boisvert) using their stats from December 16 to January 30. A little over a month’s sampling, then.

Reinbacher is an excellent prospect and is in many experts’ top-3. When I saw his position in Dumont’s rankings, I jumped, especially when I saw which players are ahead of him.

Obviously, Lane Hutson is in first place, followed by Jacob Fowler (2), Owen Beck (3), Logan Mailloux (4), Joshua Roy (5) and Filip Mesar (6).

Dumont is aware that Reinbacher is playing for a struggling team and that the lack of stability behind the bench is a big factor. But to put Owen Beck, a guy destined to play on the third trio, in the top-3? It’s true that he’s collected more points since leaving Peterborough, but I’m having trouble with this one. The same goes for Filip Mesar. He’s playing very well in the OHL this season, but he’s playing against young players, whereas the right-handed defender is playing against men.

The right-hander is polarizing, as Marc Dumont said, but he’s still one of the team’s best prospects. There’s a reason why several teams wanted to acquire him at the last draft.

Funnily enough, Simon Boisvert and Martin Therriault both have him at the top of their rankings.

After Reinbacher, Adam Engstrom, Bogdan Konyushkov and Cedrick Guindon complete the top-10. No Luke Tuch or Emil Heineman, then. In Tuch’s case, a Platform X user asked why he wasn’t in the team’s top 10 prospects.

The creator of the ranking replied that he plays with two of the best players in the country (Lane Hutson and Macklin Celebrini) and produces at a decent rate, but nothing more.

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