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First-round pick for Sean Monahan: Eric Engels believes in it more than ever
Sean Monahan was the talk of the town back in October 2022, when he played his first games with the Canadiens. As soon as he skated in Montreal, a campaign to keep him in town began.

And it “worked” for the Habs. Thank you, injuries…

Joking aside, it quickly became apparent that this guy’s impact was very significant, and the issue (of what to do with him) never ended. After all, the same debate doesn’t apply to Tanner Pearson, a forward acquired under similar conditions to Monahan.

Obviously, his injury delayed negotiations on whether or not to trade him for a year, but here we are at the heart of the matter. And inevitably, we wonder what he’s worth.

Actually, no: we’re wondering whether he should be traded. Norman Flynn would keep him.

While I know the Habs have promised Monahan a trade, I too can’t help but think that his best value is in Montreal with an (affordable) contract extension.

But hey. Unless there’s a sudden change of direction, he’s leaving – and that’s fine.

So that brings us back to the question: what will the Montreal Canadiens be able to get in return for the services of the versatile Ontario center?

Is he worth a first-round pick? Many influential people in the hockey world – including Elliotte Friedman and Arpon Basu – are of the opinion that, basically, he’s not. That said, with the overbidding and a possible contract extension, perhaps this could change the game.

But for that to happen, several clubs, including the Rangers, would have to negotiate with the Canadian.

That said, Eric Engels isn’t afraid to say that he believes the Habs can go after a first-round pick for Monahan because of the precedents that have been set. He thus goes against the words of Elliotte Friedman, his esteemed colleague at Sportsnet, who believes that a club won’t pay that much for a third center.

I have no problem going against Elliotte on whether Monahan is worth a first-round pick or not because of history. – Eric Engels

That’s what he told Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast.

Why? Because Ryan O’Reilly, Nick Foligno, Blake Coleman, Barclay Goodrow, Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Ryan Hartman and Martin Hanzal are all centers who are destined for a middle-six (second or third trio) and who brought back a first-round pick.

Engels adds that he was right when he said that Tomas Plekanec, back in the day, was going to be worth at least a second pick (two players accompanied the pick to Montreal from Toronto) and he says he’s confident he’ll be right with Sean Monahan too.

He also points out that Monahan produces more than the above-mentioned guys. Add to this the fact that it only takes a team willing to pay such a price, and Engels is motivated to reiterate his point about the player earning $1.985 million this year.

Obviously, the market is still developing. While many NHL players (including the Habs) are on vacation, the executives are working.

And they’re working on the deadline, which is just over five weeks away. #8March

What might help the Habs is if the Flames were too greedy for Elias Lindholm in Calgary. So maybe the first pick for Monahan could become a safer option.

Because from what’s circulating right now, the Flames won’t let their center go at a discount.

Although Sean Monahan loves playing in Montreal and is an excellent veteran whose departure will certainly hurt the Habs, the prospect of getting a first-round pick for Monahan must be attractive to Kent Hughes.

I agree with Renaud Lavoie (BPM Sports): if the Habs get a first-round pick for the veteran center, don’t expect Kent Hughes to go fishing with it. #Transaction

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