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Team Canada scandal: Alex Formenton surrenders to London police
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Slowly but surely, we’ll get to the bottom of the 2018 Junior Team Canada scandal.

We learned last Tuesday that five players from the 2018 Junior Team Canada are to turn themselves in to the police regarding a sexual assault case. Charges are expected to follow.

There were no names given in this scandal, but by doing 1+1, we can try to guess the identity of some of these players, while keeping in mind that nothing is official.

First, Carter Hart (Philadelphia Flyers) and Dillon Dubé (Calgary Flames) were recently given the day off by their respective teams, while Alex Formenton, Cal Foote and Michael McLeod were later given the day off as well.

Formenton decided to move to Switzerland at the start of last season, rather than sign with the Ottawa Senators, and it was revealed last Tuesday that he had to temporarily leave his club in Switzerland to return to Canada.

Now Formenton has become the first official name in the scandal, as far as we know, to go to the police.

He went to the police station in London, Ontario, accompanied by two defense lawyers to plead his innocence in the case.

The Globe and Mail reporter Robyn Doolittle reports.

“Alex will vigorously defend his innocence and he asks that people not jump to conclusions without hearing all the evidence.” – Alex Formenton’s legal team

The other players involved in this case should logically turn themselves in to the London police shortly, as they have a deadline to do so.

We can expect Foote, McLeod, Dubé and Hart to go soon, as they too were part of the 2018 Junior Team Canada roster. However, we’ll have to wait for confirmation as nothing is official.

As for the other members involved, if any, we still don’t know their identities.

Rather than speculate, we can simply wait for the other players to go to London to face the sexual assault allegations, which shouldn’t be long.

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