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John Tortorella refuses to answer questions from controversial journalist
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Asking Flyers head coach John Tortorella questions when he’s angry can be very scary. He’s tough and doesn’t mince words. When you ask Tortorella a question after sharing a bad rumor, expect not even a response.

And that’s exactly what happened with Anthony SanFilippo of the Snow the Goalie podcast on Saturday night.

He wanted to ask a question during the press conference after the Flyers’ fifth straight loss, and was met with a solid refusal. Here’s the footage.

“Are you the guy from last time? I’m not answering any of your questions.” – John Tortorella

That’s to be expected from Tortorella, especially since the journalist in question, Anthony SanFilippo, had spread a rumor on social media that Kevin Hayes had convinced Cutter Gauthier not to play with Philadelphia.

At a press conference the day after the Cutter Gauthier transaction, Tortorella was angry and sent several arrows at SanFilippo.

Are you kidding me? You think Kevin Hayes would do something like this? That’s bulls**t. – John Tortorella, the day after Cutter Gauthier was traded to Anaheim

And let’s just say that Kevin Hayes didn’t mince words with the reporter either. He brought out the bad guy in a comment below an Instagram video of SanFilippo saying he’d convinced Gauthier not to play in Philly.

Kevin Hayes response to Anthony SanFilippo reporting that someone in the Flyers organization believes “Hayes’ fingerprints” were all over Gauthier’s decision

“This guy is a c****** clown and he makes shit up.” – Kevin Hayes on Instagram

Anthony SanFilippo will certainly have to personally apologize to John Tortorella if he wants the coach to answer his questions in the press conference again. Until then, Tortorella may not let up.

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