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Telephone audience: Brendan Gallagher avoids the worst
Last night was a big night.

Let’s not forget that Brendan Gallagher made a dangerous gesture late in the game against New York. You know as well as I do that the illegal blow to Adam Pelech’s head was dangerous.

Here it is again.

He was expected to be summoned by the NHL to explain himself, but it remained to be seen whether this would be in person or over the phone. After all, doing so over the phone means the player can’t be suspended for more than five games.

And now we learn that it will be by telephone. Gally avoids the worst.

One might think that the fact that Gally isn’t a repeat offender meant that the league chose not to go ahead with an in-person call-up for the Canadiens’ #11.

In my opinion, it would have merited an in-person hearing… but hey.

Details to come…

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