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Sean Monahan’s market value affected by his next contract?

Sean Monahan is enjoying a fine season. In 48 games, the center has 13 goals and 21 assists, good for 34 points. He must be proud that his body hasn’t let him down so far.

Inevitably, everyone’s wondering what he might be worth on the trade market.

We know he’s no Elias Lindholm, but still: Sean Monahan is excellent, he’s a good point guard, he’s earning $1.985 million this season and he’s at the end of his contract. A dream come true.

The more time passes, the more we wonder whether the Canadiens will keep him or not. We know that Kent Hughes has promised to trade him to a good club at the deadline, but… a guy’s got a right to want to stay, doesn’t he?

But hey. In a realistic world, he’ll be traded. And on that subject, Elliotte Friedman talked about his value on his podcast today.

In his eyes, it would be astonishing to think that the Habs could get a first-round pick in return for his services. Why would that be? Because clubs might see him as a third center in a champion club.

And you don’t pay a first-round pick for a third center.

That said, there could be exceptions. If Kent Hughes plays his cards right and an overbid were to set in, perhaps the price could be affected by such a process.

And if not? If Monahan were to agree to extend his contract, that could change the price.

Of course, if Friedman is talking about it, he’s probably saying that there’s a possibility of that happening. But does that mean that the main interested party is necessarily… interested?

That’s a good question.

The question I’m wondering about is how much of an advantage it is for the Habs to trade Monahan if they can’t get a first-round pick for his services.

Because the Habs basically have four options.

  • Trade him at a price that suits them
  • Trade him at a price that doesn’t suit them
  • Keep him and sign him to a contract extension
  • Keep him without signing a contract extension

If the player ever wanted to stay (a guy’s got a right to change his mind about this summer’s plans, doesn’t he?) and could agree on a good contract with Kent Hughes, the club could benefit.

After all, it’s debatable whether the Habs would really benefit from trading Monahan for a second-round pick (and probably a late-round one at that) instead of keeping him. Maxim Lapierre goes even further, questioning the benefits of trading him for a first-round pick.

Basically, the question is this: is his best value in Montreal? How badly does the Habs want a pick for a veteran like him who can literally do it all on the ice and in the dressing room? What would the GM do with the first pick?

You have to ask yourself.

And only the club’s management can answer that… but I’ll say this: if Monahan stays for the right price, let’s just say I wouldn’t be the first to throw the first stone at the Habs.

Let’s also note that I don’t believe in the scenario of sending him elsewhere at the deadline to sign him in July. That never works.

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