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Another coaching change expected for Reinbacher’s team

David Reinbacher’s Swiss team has been struggling since the start of the season.

They have won just 13 of their first 40 games of the campaign… and are currently second-bottom in the overall league standings.

To remedy the situation, the club replaced Gerry Flemming with Larry Mitchell behind the bench in November, but the expected results never materialized.

According to an article on a reputable Swiss news site (Watson), the team’s management has decided to go to great lengths to turn the tide: Larry Mitchell will be relieved of his coaching duties on Monday and will be replaced by Stefan Mair.

A third coach for David Reinbacher this season alone:

Three different coaches in the same season in Switzerland…

The possibility of adding a fourth if the Canadiens’ hopeful finishes the season in North America…

The many pieces of advice he’s received from members of the Montreal Canadiens organization…

Even Martin St-Louis briefly directed him at training camp at the start of the season…

All this to say that we shouldn’t mix the kid up either. It’s all very well to give him the support he needs and surround him so that he can develop. But if everyone starts telling him different things and giving him different advice, it’s not going to help him at the end of the day.

Stefan Mair is a 56-year-old coach with a fine professional CV.

He coached Italy’s national team at the 2016 World Cup, and his track record is pretty impressive:

(Credit: Elite Prospects)

Let’s wait and see how it all pans out before making up our minds.

But one thing’s for sure, for example…

The Canadian may be regretting the decision to return David Reinbacher to Europe, given everything that’s happened at EHC Kloten since the start of the season.

At the very least, circumstances were not necessarily conducive to prioritizing the young man’s development.

In bursts

– Good question.

– That much is clear.


– Great news for Jakob Pelletier.

– To be continued.

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