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Benoît Desrosiers: the Islanders deny his hiring

That’s the reaction I had when I saw the Islanders’ tweet denying the hiring of Benoît Desrosiers.

Earlier this morning, Stéphane Leroux said on Twitter that Patrick Roy had dipped into the QMJHL’s backyard to hire his former assistant with the Remparts.

All of this is really bizarre, because it’s extremely rare to see a team announce a non-hiring.

That said, the original tweet states that the Islanders and Lou Lamoriello plan to meet with Desrosiers “in the future” to discuss a potential job offer.

Was there some leak of information that didn’t sit well with the team and Lamoriello, who is known to be an old hand with dinosaur methods? That’s the question I’m asking myself right now.

Almost every media outlet has covered the news that Desrosiers has been hired in New York.

That’s to be expected, because anything to do with Patrick Roy has been the talk of the town since Saturday.

Even QMJHL commissioner Mario Cecchini took the time to congratulate him on Twitter…

I can’t wait to see if we’ll be able to learn a little more about this seemingly zany story.

Because honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it in my life before. Imagine how big a deal it would be if someone announced that Bob Hartley had been hired in Montreal and the Habs had to deny it…

News flash: this would be the topic of discussion on the lips of many fans in Montreal. And it’s sure to be the same right now in New York, where the media market is pretty intense.

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