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Jake Allen in Los Angeles: Elliotte Friedman opens the door

The ménage à trois may be working better than expected in front of the Montreal Canadiens net, but there will come a time when we’ll have to go back to a more “regular” two-keeper formula.

Is there a rush? No. But are the goalies anxious for it to happen? Surely, yes.

Aside from the fact that trading a goalie would put pressure on the organization in case of injury, we also know that the Habs don’t want to give away Jake Allen just yet. He’s a valued veteran… and management hates not maximizing the value of its players.

But since Jake Allen doesn’t seem to be playing up to the GM’s demands (we don’t know the exact demands, but if he’s a top pick, the 2023-2024 Allen isn’t playing up to them), it complicates his job.

And right now, that’s what’s happening. Elliotte Friedman, on his podcast (32 Thoughts), says Kent Hughes still doesn’t have his price. #Obviously

When it came time to scratch the surface of Allen’s options, the Sportsnet tipster mentioned the Kings. In his eyes, the California outfit will be adding a goalie.

And he wondered if Allen was going to be that man. He didn’t name any other names, for those who are interested.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. After all, Pierre-Luc Dubois’ contract (among others) is blocking the Kings in their quest for an addition by March 8.

At the moment, the Kings have $1,941 under the cap. Needless to say, that doesn’t allow for a single player to be added to the line-up under such conditions. Even if the club needs help.

At $3.85 million a year for another year and a half, teams are going to have to convince the Habs to keep salary in order to trade the goalie. Will it happen? Or will it be like it was with the Oilers, and the file will simply die a quick death?

Because according to the journalist, at one point, the Oilers really were a realistic possibility. That’s no longer the case, but Friedman, at one point, thought the veteran goalie was going to Edmonton.

In gusto

– Shane Pinto at minimum wage.

– He has the potential to be higher.

– What big name will be traded between now and the deadline? [TSN 690]

– Um…

– Will he be traded?

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