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Eric Engels: Bruins don’t need Sean Monahan
Barring a turn of events, Sean Monahan is expected to leave the Habs by March 8.

We know why teams will be interested in him, because over the past few weeks, it’s been the same old story.

The longer this goes on, the more we see potential destinations for the veteran.

In a recent article, Frank Seravalli named six clubs where it would make sense for Monahan to end up.

He mentioned the Leafs, the Canucks, the Avalanche, the Oilers, the Jets… and the Bruins.

Last year, Monahan’s name was linked to the Boston outfit. The Bruins were having a great season and it was thought that adding the services of a responsible center like Monahan would help the club, but the scenario never materialized in the end.

But this year, the Bruins don’t need Monahan. At least, that’s what Eric Engels said in a recent text…

And the reason is simple. The Bruins still have a great campaign (they’re in first place in their division), but don’t have enough capital to make a big deal.

They don’t have a top-three pick in the next draft (which is what Kent Hughes is interested in)… And they traded their second-round pick in 2025.

The Bruins have won 27 of their first 44 games this season…

But what’s really impressive, when you look at their record, is the fact that they’ve only lost eight times so far on the regular.

And that’s not really surprising, because you know the culture in Boston.

What’s more, when you look at the team’s line-up, on paper, you realize that we’re not necessarily talking about the most dangerous line-up in the NHL :

(Credit: Daily Faceoff)

Things are going really well in Boston right now, so we don’t necessarily need to add a big piece to the attack.

Remember that Matthew Poitras is injured at the moment and that his imminent return to action will bring the desired depth to the center of the formation.

But logically, we could exclude the Bruins from the list of teams to which Sean Monahan could be traded.

In brief

– Interested parties:

– Hurricanes add depth at goalie position.

– Interesting.

– It’s impressive.

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