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Cost per point: Jonathan Drouin, one of the NHL’s biggest bargains
Credit: What a start to the season!

In recent years, Jonathan Drouin has been the subject of much criticism. I won’t go into the details, because we all know the story.

But right now, things are going really well for the Quebecer, and that’s something to talk about too. Because he really deserves to have flowers thrown at him right now.

The former Canadiens forward has 19 points in his last 23 games… But beyond his offensive production, he has established himself as a reliable player on the Avalanche’s first line alongside Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen.

His coach has confidence in him, with Drouin averaging 24 minutes per game since the beginning of January.

It’s been night and day since the start of the season, as he spent an average of 13 minutes and 15 seconds on the ice in October.

It’s all the more special when you realize that he signed a contract valued at $825,000 this summer. He’s cheap, he does the job he’s asked to do…

As a result, he’s one of the NHL’s biggest bargains this season among forwards who have played at least 36 games.

His cost per point is $33,000, making him second on this list of the best offensive contracts:

So much the better, sincerely.

Drouin is reinventing himself on the ice and that should help his chances of signing a new NHL contract next year.

To think that at the start of the season, when we saw him perform, we really thought it was the beginning of the end…

The opposite is true!

There are bargains to be had in the NHL, but there are also forwards who earn too much for what they bring to their club offensively.

Mike Bartner, a content creator who put together the list of the best bargains earlier in the text, has also compiled a top-10 list of players who cost too much in relation to their offensive production…

Among them are Tricolore players Josh Anderson ($458,000 per point) and Brendan Gallagher ($433,000 per point):

Most expensive cost per point (Forwards only, min 36 GP) Carter makes the list.
byu/Kadaththeninja_ inpenguins

It’s also interesting to note that Pierre-Luc Dubois finds himself in the group of the worst contracts among forwards this season.

Imagine if he played in Montreal, and there were three Habs players on the list of worst contracts in terms of cost per point scored…

In brief

– Cole Caufield is becoming a complete player.

– Progression, progression, progression.

– A goalie on the waivers.

– Huh!

– Anze Kopitar is not 100%.

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