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Groupe Habs buys (two festivals by) Olivier Primeau
When you think of Geoff Molson, you think of beer and the Canadiens. But in reality, with Groupe Habs, the Habs owner is involved in a number of different areas.

Let’s not forget evenko, a subsidiary of Groupe Habs. And at evenko, the musical side is quite well developed.

After all, Osheaga, ÎleSoniq, Lasso, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the Francos are all festivals owned by evenko. That’s quite a range.

And now Geoff Molson has added two more festivals to his offering… and we’re not talking about the 2024 Stanley Cup festival featuring the Montreal Canadiens.

We’re talking here, as reported in this morning’s Journal de Montréal by journalist Julien McEvoy, about Olivier Primeau’s two festivals: Metro Metro and Fuego Fuego.

We don’t know at what price Olivier Primeau sold his two festivals, but it’s safe to assume that he made good money with the sale of Fuego Fuego and Metro Metro.

As reported in Le Journal, Primeau wanted to move on after four years of doing festivals. And according to Primeau, evenko was the only group that could buy his festivals.

But is it all positive? Not in everyone’s eyes, no.

In fact, because Groupe Habs has even more of a stranglehold on festivals here, there’s bound to be a certain amount of independence lost in the process.

It’s worth noting that the evenko ecosystem already receives $35 million a year in government subsidies. Since Olivier Primeau didn’t have a subsidy, smaller festivals will have to fight even harder.

What’s more, the fact that Groupe Habs is 49% owned by Live Nation, a California-based company, makes it all the more clear that Quebec culture is slipping through everyone’s fingers.

It’s a pity, because the sector is losing a little more independence. – Dominique Malo, Regroupement des festivals régionaux artistiques indépendants (REFRAIN)

Selling his festivals to Groupe Habs isn’t Primeau’s only link to the sport. He also participates in the football podcast “Le Playbook” with Greg Lanctot and Jean-Charles Lajoie.

He is also a Bet99 personality.

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