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Geoff Molson is not closing the door on the playoffs this year

We all remember that at the club’s golf tournament at the start of the season, Jeff Gorton caused quite a stir. He had refused to talk about the “P-word” for the Canadian, in reference to the playoffs. Clearly, he didn’t want to put any pressure on his club.

But where are we a few months later?

Right now, the Habs are six points behind the Lightning, the Red Wings… and the final playoff spot. The Penguins, Capitals, Islanders and Devils are all between Tampa, Detroit and Montreal.

Is it better than we thought? Yes.

But does it mean that the Canadiens, a club capable of beating the best teams and also capable of collapsing pathetically against the worst teams in the league, can make the playoffs?

That’s another question.

After all, if the Flanelle want to qualify for the playoffs, they’re not only going to need wins, they’re going to need reinforcements. How logical is that when you know that Sean Monahan will be traded, for example?

That’s the job of Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton. They’re the men in charge of making these decisions.

We all suspect they’ll decide to sell. After all, if they listen to their owner, Geoff Molson, they’ll figure that if they’re going to rebuild for the first time in the franchise’s history, they’d better do it the right way.

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But just because Mr. Molson says we have to do things the right way doesn’t mean he won’t be thinking about the playoffs this year.

Questioned on the subject on the sidelines of the opening of a Habs rink in Saint-Jérôme, the Habs owner said (as reported by Le Journal de Montréal) that “everything is possible” with regard to the possibility of making the playoffs this season.

We’re not far from the wild card teams . Geoff Molson

The owner knows it would take a big sequence (and consistency) to make the playoffs. The youngsters may be progressing, but everyone knows it’s a tall order. Right now, the Habs have a 2.4% chance of making the playoffs…

But what I remember most is the fact that he couldn’t say no, the playoffs aren’t in his sights this year. After all, playoffs or not, he’s got a Bell Centre to fill. And the way the club is playing, the fans have a reason to show up at the Temple right now.

Journalist Alexandre Pratt is right to mention that the fact that the Bell Centre is full doesn’t force the owner to get wet. He can be patient, he can want to make the playoffs, he can adapt.

As much as rebuilding in Montreal isn’t easy because of the pressure, it’s viable because the fans who are crying don’t lose interest in the club because of it.

In gusto

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– It’s going well for the defenseman offensively.

– Good state of affairs.

– Will he be traded?

– It’s clear.

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